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WALK, it's good for you!

Stark Walks is supported by the Stark County Health Department and United Way of Greater Stark County through Live Well Stark County coalition. 


In 2015, Live Well Stark County mapped several walking routes where people live, work and play in Canton as part of a crime prevention through environmental design strategy. These routes were referred to as Stark Walks. A partnership developed with United Way of Greater Stark County to support the expansion of Stark Walks into more communities through developing additional routes, installing signage and marketing of the routes. There are currently over a dozen Stark Walks routes in Downtown, Northeast and Southeast Canton with plans for more to come!


The purpose of Stark Walks is to encourage people to get out and exercise in their own communities on pedestrian-friendly, safe pathways! Each route includes signs that indicate distance and approximate travel time, so individuals can measure their walking distance and time spent being physically active! Walking burns calories, improves fitness abilities, elevates mood, and strengthens bones and muscles. It can also reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease and Type II diabetes. Everyone is encouraged to take a step in the right direction - walk the paths, explore your community, get great exercise and be healthy! Create a culture of happier, healthier, longer life! Let's work together to reduce health risks in Stark County! 


Downtown: McKinley to Market

St. Paul Square

DeHoff Library

Edward Coleman Community Center