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Local Food Swap

  • Deli Ohio 328 Walnut Avenue Northeast Canton, OH, 44702 United States (map)

What is a Food Swap?
A food swap is a gathering of food loving folks, getting together to trade their homemade, homegrown or foraged goods. You can be a brewer, a baker, or even a wannabe chef.  No money changes hands but instead attendees bring items they wish to swap for something else. Emphasis will be on food that is created using FRESH & LOCAL ingredients.

What should I bring?
Anything. If it comes from your home, not just your kitchen, it works. Fresh produce, homemade brownies, strawberry jam... you can make whatever you like.   We highly recommend you bring a sample of your item to set out at the swap. Everyone loves to share his or her tasty creations! 

How much should I bring?
Most people bring 6-12 of the same item. Some bring more and some bring less. Have four jars of canned green beans, a basil plant and six goose eggs to trade? That works! Do keep in mind if you make tray of lasagna it will not go very far in trade. However cut it into generous slices and package for an even trade and you are good to go. Same goes the other way, if you bring 2oz of eggplant hummus you may not be able to trade it for a 16oz jar of pumpkin granola.

How should I package my items?
Everybody loves a pretty package, but it’s really what’s inside that counts, right? You can embellish your items to your heart’s content, but there are a few things that are required to be on your item: Name of the item, storage information, your name, and your contact information. Cute packaging doesn’t hurt though, right?

You also NEED to bring a copy of your ingredients to display in front of your item. This information is necessary due to food allergies and preferences. (Paleo, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, vegetarian, fruitarian – you get the idea)

I’m coming, now what?
Hooray! We’re glad you’re coming. All you have to do is register.  You can do that on our Facebook Page   OR by sending an email to and let us know your name, email and what you will be bringing!

Remember, the goal is two-fold. First, to have fun in a relaxed atmosphere with other food-loving people. Second, to leave with nothing you brought from home, only swapped goodies!

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